Pride (Shifters #3) by Rachel Vincent

02 Mar

Pride (Shifters, #3)Pride by Rachel Vincent
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am already on the fourth installment of this series. I decided to wait to write the review until now because there was so much going on I really didn’t want to stop to analyze how I felt about it.

This series started with Stray It started as most PNR series do. Faythe is the daughter of the head Alpha for the Southern United States territory. As a rare female, (Tabbie), in the Pride, her duty is to marry a strong Alpha to succeed her father and then breed. Or so she thinks but her father has other plans. Because of her rejection of the traditional role of Tabbie, Faythe has convinced her father to let her go to college however attacks on other Pride Tabbies forces her father to send his top enforcer to bring her home after five years. This enforcer also happens to be an ex-boyfriend. To put it simply. Needless to say she acts like a spoiled brat for much of the first book and I wasn’t sure how I felt about the series.

Then Rachel Vincent proceeded to kick my ass.

This story, this world and these characters come alive at the end of book one like no other first-in-series has done for me. I was blown away at how involved it gets and at the end of the book I was already buying number two from Amazon.

If I thought that this series was getting good in book one, I was sorely mistaken because book two was freaking INTENSE! There was so much FUBAR going on you had no clue how it was gonna work out and at the end of book three, all my previous beliefs of how PNR should go were gone.

Rachel Vincent takes no prisoners. This isn’t your average paranormal love story and if warm fuzzies is what you want do not pick this up. As I mentioned, I am now on four and I am so invested in this story and it’s characters that sometimes I actually want to scream in frustration at the author when things don’t go the way I expect them to. So far this series has made me cry, cuss, throw crap and laugh. Rachel Vincent has definately become a favorite in PNR and I fear she has spoiled me.

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