A Crack In Everything by Angela Gerst

17 May

A Crack in Everything (A Susan Callisto Mystery)(Library Edition)A Crack in Everything (A Susan Callisto Mystery) by Angela Gerst
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars!

Susan Callisto is a great addition to the series mystery genre. She is very practical and very well-rounded as a newly developed character. I believed her and couldn’t wait to learn more.

Susan has left the security of a law firm in order to run city level political campaigns. She also has a few clients that have followed her from the firm and still takes care of thier needs. She struggles for money but loves what she does.

Enter political novice Charles Renfrow who begs Susan to help him run for mayor. Quote from book blurb:But Renfrow is a scientist, not a politician, and his pockets are far too deep. Susan is tempted–Renfrow knows how to seduce–but her suspicions, if not her libido, are aroused. When a friend insists that Renfrow’s biotech company is dumping deadly toxic waste, Susan decides to find out the truth before committing herself.

This is where things get complicated. Murder happens, no one seems trustworthy and even seemingly unrelated events cause Susan to question the closest of friends.

This was surprisingly good for a new author. The writing was well done and the characters felt real. I enjoyed the story but it did get a little slow in the middle. I longed for more action but was still invested in the outcome enough to finish. I look forward to the next installment and am convinced this series will grow and be very popular.

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