Monster Hunters International by Larry Correia

18 Jun

Monster Hunter International (MHI, #1)Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was so much fun to read.

As I started reading the first chapter I was kind of put off by the hero’s first-person account. At first I wasn’t sure why but as I continued to read I realized…OH, I’m a chick. You see, the hero is Owen Z. Pitt. He is an accountant and avid gun lover. He is a big guy and has trained in fighting techniques so when he describes the opening fight to the death scene it’s all very macho.

On one otherwise normal Tuesday evening I had the chance to live the American dream. I was able to throw my incompetent jackass of a boss from a fourteenth-story window.

Now, I didn’t just wake up that morning and decide that I was going to kill my boss with my bare hands. It really was much more complicated than that. In my life up to that point I would never have even considered something that sounded so crazy. I was just a normal guy, a working stiff. Heck, I was an accountant. It doesn’t get much more mundane than that.

That one screwed-up event changed my life. Little did I realize that turning my boss into sidewalk pizza would have so many bizarre consequences. Well, technically, he did not actually hit the sidewalk. He landed on the roof of a double-parked Lincoln Navigator, but I digress.

My name is Owen Zastava Pitt and this is my story.


Legs and heart pumping, I heard the door behind me crash off of its hinges. Not sparing the time to look, I yanked open the door to Finance and rushed through, trying to pull it closed behind me. The door slammed into Huffman’s claws and muzzle. I tried in vain to close the door but he was far stronger than I was. He swiped his talons down across my chest, tearing cleanly through my clothing and into me. Pain. Unbelievable pain. Screaming, I fell on my back and activated the fire extinguisher, directing the spray into the werewolf’s gaping mouth and eyes. The creature howled, reared up on its hind legs, and covered its face. I lashed out with my foot, kicked the creature in the ribs and knocked it back into the corridor. Scrambling to my feet, I pulled the door closed and locked it.

My chest burned from the lacerations. The injury looked bad, and blood was soaking across my shirt, but the pain was now just something throbbing in the background behind the wall of adrenaline rushing through my system. The hurt would come later. I had a monster to worry about right now.

Then I thought about the guys I work with and yes, they would speak the same way when telling a story like this.

The great news is as soon as I hit chapter two things began to flow for me. I really started liking Owen, I was intrigued by the situation he found himself in and excited for him to become a monster hunter.

The story just kept getting better. All the characters in this book were real to me. I loved the different personalities. The sarcasm and comraderie are fun to be a part of and best of all… the storyline is very strong.

I was captivated and I enjoyed it so much that I’m reading the next installment very soon!

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