While The Savage Sleeps by Andrew Kaufman

09 Jul

While the Savage Sleeps While the Savage Sleeps by Andrew E. Kaufman

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well, I got through this fast. It kept me entertained and that’s a biggie for me. The first part grabbed my attention and I liked the MC fine. The story opens with a grisly attack on a Deputy. He doesn’t see the killer and you get no sense of him either. The scene is well written as is all of the scenes of violence throughout the book. The MC is Assistant Sheriff Cameron who grew up in the small town where this takes place. Has the usual “leave boring town, tragedy, come home to boring town to get away from the violence of the big city” story. This town has never had a homicide.
Enter MC#2, Kyle (female), who lives 200 miles away and has no idea what is happening in Faith, the Sheriff’s small town. She is psychic and begins to have disturbing visions and dreams connected to the violence there. You know they eventually have to hook up, exchange facts, work together to fight the evil but it takes forever for it to happen and that became a sticking point for me. The switch from whats going on in Sheriff Cameron’s head and Kyle’s head made the story rather segmented. I also felt that the ‘climactic’ resolution near the end was too short and rather anti-climatic.

This gets a 3 star rating from me but the author has talent and credibility in the genre. The good things that kept me reading were enough and I can see where Kaufman is gets his rep.

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