Seed by Ania Ahlborn

18 Aug

SeedSeed by Ania Ahlborn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Summary: In the vine-twisted swamps of Louisiana, the shadows have teeth.

Jack Winter has spent his entire life running from something no one else can see. His childhood is his darkest secret, but after a near fatal accident along a deserted road, the darkness he was sure he’d escaped rears its ugly head… and smiles.

But this time, he isn’t the only one who sees the soulless eyes of his past. This time, his six-year-old daughter Charlie leans into his ear and whispers: Daddy, I saw it too.

And then she begins to change.

Faced with reliving the nightmares of his childhood, Jack watches his daughter spiral into the shadows that had nearly consumed him twenty years before.

But Charlie isn’t the only one who’s changing.

Jack never outran the darkness. It’s been with him all along.

And it’s hungrier than ever.

A new breed of dark fiction: the subtlety of Seed will haunt you, and the end will wickedly satisfy.

This is the type of story that sends electric shocks of foreboding into the hearts of parents. The kind of story that creates a sense of impending doom in all readers. There is a type of evil that seems more powerful than monsters or serial killers. It’s the evil that many try to explain through religion or magic. This evil is called Demon, Alien, or a product of dark magic, it has been deemed unknown or a psychologically caused phenomena. Whatever your background is, whatever your beliefs, the evil Ania Ahlborn unleashes in Seed is insidious.

As an adult, Jack has your average family life. Free from the nightmare of his youth he has two daughters, a wife and a home. Although the family struggles financially, they seem to be close. At first. Charlie, his six year old, is his unspoken favorite because they are so similar. A happy, funny, witty banter exists between them. Until Charlie sees the thing that haunted Jacks past.
At first becoming strangely ill, Charlie begins to act differently causing her sister to avoid her. Jack fears he knows the answer to her sudden change but seems to not know how to help her.
Charlies mother begins to fear for her daughters mental health as weird and frightening things occur in the house.
As the reader, you find yourself urging Jack to do something. Urging him to confide his secret past with his wife. You want him to protect his family, to save Charlie, but his reasons for not revealing what he knows is happening are his own and you are left helpless as you watch the impending destruction of this family.
In the same vein of The Other and even The Omen, Seed evokes our darkest fears. You can’t put it down no matter how frightened you get.
I have officially put Ania Ahlhorn on my list of Best New Authors. I recommend this read to anyone who loves horror and suspense!

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