My Novel Affair by Sinara Ellis

26 Aug

My Novel AffairMy Novel Affair by Sinara Ellis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Summary: To-Do List Kill Casey Lattimer. Let Larry destroy Gary, once and for all. Feed my great white shark and sand-trap serpent. Fall in love with someone who isn’t insensitive and self-absorbed. Find the Holy Grail of orgasms. Fine, I’ll be serious. My Actual To-Do list. Buy ice cream, and find a real happy ending, outside of my own imagination…

I have to start by saying that the book summary does not do this original story justice! When I started My Novel Affair I expected a regular Chick Lit style read. Well, it is great Chick Lit but so much fun and so very clever.

OK, try and stay with me here. Sinara Ellis is the author of The Detective Lattimer Series which contains six installments thus far. Sinara Ellis is also the main character in My Novel Affair. Sinara is tired of Detective Casey Lattimer who is the main character in her popular Detective Lattimer Series. Casey gets all the attention. She is tough, sexy, gritty and sexually free. She has all the fun and pays no emotional price for it. Sinara, however, never sees her golf playing, insensitive, no sexual talent husband who also happens to be her editor. His only apparent interest in Sinara is whether she is meeting her deadline on the next Lattimer installment. How else can he golf at all the exclusive courses?

Dreadfully fed up with her Lattimer Series, Sinara considers killing her off but knows that her agent and her husband will cause trouble.

On a book tour, Sinara finds a Bodice-Ripper Romance and decides that is what she really wants. To write a funny, passionate romance. Enter Alexis Perry. The main Character of Sinara’s next book…and also a main character in this one as well.

What follows is a rip roaring adventure of two, (or is it three?), women looking to find romance and a slice of life to make them excited again. To refresh their careers and renew themselves.
I was enchanted and entertained. This story switches seamlessly between Sinara and Alexis. I could not wait to see how it would end and I have become a huge fan of Sinara Ellis in the process. Both of them!

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