Wired by Martha Randolph Carr

30 Sep


Wired by Martha Randolph Carr

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Imagine surviving a brutal attack. One where the obvious conclusion is your death but somehow you get away. Now imagine you are only 15yrs old, terrified to get help from the police and unable to confide in your mother.
Fifteen years into the future is where you will begin this story. Mary Elizabeth has a family now. A husband and beautiful son but there is something missing in her soul. Her heart doesn’t seem complete and those closest to her have begun to distance themselves. Her husband Charlie knows something has been wrong with Mary Elizabeth for some time but is unable to get her to talk with him, so he avoids the problem. Her young son is obviously much more closer to Charlie.
I found the beginning of this thriller to be very dark and oppressive. I identified with Charlie but found I truly disliked Mary Elizabeth. This was at once awkward and authentic to me.
There is an unwritten rule most of us subscribe to when we read a thriller or suspense story like Wired. We will ALWAYS identify and like the main character. Most especially if she is a victim. The problem with this is it isn’t always reasonable.
Given the circumstances of Wired and the role Mary Elizabeth has been given by Martha Randolph Carr, there is no way you will believe she is a strong, loving, sympathetic character.
I promise you this, you will understand her and you will eventually empathize with her.

Here is the book summary:Will the truth set you free or get you killed?
Mary Elizabeth and Charlie’s marriage is fading away as Charlie tries to just get along and Mary Elizabeth struggles not to disappear completely. A murdered teenager is discovered at the local teenage hangout on a bluff high above main street bringing back memories to Mary Elizabeth that she would rather forget but may hold the key to saving an entire town. But when the bodies keep popping up everyone must struggle with feelings of guilt, shame and redemption.

Martha Randolph Carr does and exceptional job in the creation of Mary. The building of tension is felt by all characters and I felt it as well. As most people who have read my reviews know, I put great stock in characters. I just have to believe them in most cases. There is always the exception but if you feel as I do, pick up this fantastic read!

                                                             About Martha!

Martha Randolph Carr is the author of three books and has a weekly, nationally syndicated column through the Cagle Cartoon syndicate on politics, national interest topics and life in general. Her newest work, The List is a political thriller set around the attorney, Wallis Jones her husband Norman and their son Ned. The List is the first in a series. Martha is currently at work on the sequel, The Keeper.

Martha is also a melanoma survivor, Chi runner, occasional rower and skydiver and mother to Louie. She resides near her son in Chicago, IL, where everyone is always welcome to stay for dinner.

All questions about rights to any materials can be directed to: Rachelle Gardner,

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3 responses to “Wired by Martha Randolph Carr

  1. Martha Carr

    September 30, 2011 at 8:38 am

    Thank you for such a well thought out review! Loved your take on Mary Elizabeth – that was exactly what I was going for when I wrote it. Readers making one judgment only to have to reconsider later. Great insights!

  2. Martha Carr

    September 30, 2011 at 8:52 am

    P.S. If you have a chance today could you leave a review at Goodreads, Kindle, Amazon and Smashwords? 🙂 A great review like yours needs to get around.

    • novelopinion

      September 30, 2011 at 9:44 am

      Thanks for the wonderful compliment on the review! I have the review on GR and will put it up on amazon and smashwords HAPPILY! Great story!


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