The Caldarian Conflict by Mike Kalmbach

05 Oct

The Caldarian ConflictThe Caldarian Conflict by Mike Kalmbach
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Summary:The Caldarian Conflict is a novel about a monk caught between a corrupt government and enraged pirates. Brother Mendell, follower of a god named Lord Justice, consoles a pirate prisoner slated for execution. As he listens to the pirate’s story, Mendell begins to wonder whether the execution is just.

This question drives Mendell to uncover the mystery surrounding the military’s methods of capturing pirates. However, Admiral Cain and his ruthless assistant Krell have more in mind than simply ridding the seas of piracy. With a mysterious backer funding their mission, they will stop at nothing short of total control. Will Mendell figure out the mystery in time?

What a FANTASTIC read!

Monk Mendell is asked by Father Ramsey to counsel a prisoner waiting to be hanged. The prisoner, an ex-pirate who uses information he has gained to lead active pirates to vulnerable targets, has not spoken to any of the clergy sent before Mendell. It is a common belief in this society that everyone should be given a chance to repent and/or reconcile their lives before death and as a monk whose chosen god out of several dieties is Lord Justice, he is not happy with this new directive. Afterall, justice has been done and the punishment for all pirates is death.

Although not indifferent to the prisoner, Mendell does not encourage him to repent but listens to him instead. Giving the prisoner a choice of what he wants to speak about in his last hours causes the pirate to open up.

What Mendell witnesses and hears causes him to question whether the pirate deserves death as his sentence and whether the military is using unethical practices in order to solve the crime problem.

What follows is a mixture of adventure, fantasy and mystery.

I loved the mash-up of genres in this story. Elements of a good old fashioned crime mystery mixed with an epic fantasy environment and a touch of magic. The person of Monk Mendell became one of my favorite characters of all time. An honest and strong man, compassionate and just with a likable personality that caused me to hang on his every word.

Becoming caught up in a doomed mission while trying to understand the facts, he still offers hope and healing to those around them. Giving all involved the benefit of the doubt while seeking guidance from Father Ramsey and the gods.

This is a story about a gentle hero and his quest to bring justice where justice is due as well as mercy to those who need it. While discovering himself and his mission, he realizes that all is not what it seems and the lines between good and evil are blurred.

I recommend this book to all lovers of fiction. I truly hope I will get to follow Monk Mendell on the rest of his journey.

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Posted by on October 5, 2011 in Action/Adventure, Crime Drama, Fantasy


2 responses to “The Caldarian Conflict by Mike Kalmbach

  1. Mike Kalmbach

    October 5, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    Thanks for such a wonderful review. Glad that you enjoyed the book!

  2. J.D.

    October 6, 2011 at 7:26 am

    Wow. sounds interesting!


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