ARC Twisted Vengeance by Jeff Bennington

10 Oct

4 Stars!

Another great Thriller from Jeff Bennington!

The first book I read from Jeff was Reunion and It is one of my favorites. I love his type of scary! Paranormal, evil, invisible and uncontrollable. Twisted Vengeance does not disappoint!

Here is the book summary: Detective Rick Burns’ life is falling apart. His four-year old son is dead, his brother butchered, he’s in love with the one woman he can’t have and he’s investigating a slew of unsolved murders of violent, domestic abusers.

When a mysterious boy enters his life, things only get worse.

The boy knows the victims. He knows about Rick’s fears. And he knows about Debil, the serial killer with a lust for death.

Determined to help the detective find the perpetrator, the boy ushers Rick into a nightmarish chase where reality and the supernatural are blurred, nearly costing him his life, his love, and his reputation in a storm of domestic vengeance that is so twisted you won’t be able to stop reading until you discover the awful truth. 

Twisted Vengeance opens in the midst of an investigation in to some very horrific murders. Detective Rick Burns  is already on the case and called in to the newest crime scene.

There is no tough-cop morgue humor going on here. This murder is heinous and all investigators on scene are having a hell of a time coping. Especially Rick.

Rick has seen and experienced a lot of tragedy in his life. From witnessing the death of his mother as a toddler, losing a child and the loss of a brother whom he looked up to he has seen it all. Or so he thought. He considers his brother to have been an excellent detective and struggles with comparing himself to his brothers image.

When a young boy mysteriously shows up and starts leading Rick to new crime scenes, he starts to question his own sanity.

I have to say again, I really like Jeff’s idea of scary. It suits me. Nothing is more frightening than an evil you can’t explain. Serial killers and monsters, while intrinsically unexplainable, can be categorized and usually killed. You can’t kill a force of evil. *shudder* And while, in movies, you can get a Priest or a scientist or the Ghost Busters to save your butt, Jeff doesn’t provide that kind of warm and fuzzy fix in his stories. I’m glad because it takes an awful lot to creep me out.

The so-called ‘victims’ at the crime scene are abusers and leave no room for sympathy but an officer of the law must remain impartial and even though you want to tell Rick to stop wandering off alone following a creepy kid to God knows where, you can’t and therefore you are stuck along for the ride.

Twisted Vengeance will be ready for release soon and I highly recommend it. Nothing says Halloween like a good scarin’ and Jeff Bennington will bring it!

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