Dangerous Lies by Lisa Smith

21 Oct

Dangerous LiesDangerous Lies by Lisa Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this story. It opens with a high profile court case focusing on Joe Scarpia, a member of the mob. Agreeing to testify against him is the star of the hugely followed case, Tina Davis. Beautiful and mysterious this woman is associated with some of the biggest names in the mob and she captures the attention of the nation. Jake Stern, who is the assistant DA and lead prosecutor cannot keep his eyes off her but considers her role as a mob moll to be beneath him.
After a glimpse of the future by way of the opening court scene, Lisa Smith takes us back through the lives of Tina and Jake starting at childhood. Their stories reveal complex characters that have been crafted by the author in believable fashion. What makes Jake Stern choose a career in the DA’s office as opposed to being a high profile attorney? Why would a young, innocent and charming 15yr old girl agree to become mistress to a much older mob boss?

Here is the book summary:The trial had everything an ambitious prosecuting attorney could want: a solid case against a known crimelord and a seductively beautiful witness with a steamy past – ingredients guaranteed to pack a courtroom.” From its first line, Dangerous Lies entices. Alternately raw, romantic, funny, and terrifying, this racy new thriller has two unforgettable protagonists. Tina Davis is the former mob mistress who inexplicably risks her life. Jake Stern, is the prosecuting attorney who hides a crippling fear behind a handsome stoic mask. Repelled by her past and obsessed with her presence, it’s Jake’s job to keep Tina alive.

This was such a fun and interesting story. I loved the several relationships that are depicted in Dangerous Lies. The secondary characters are just as entertaining as the main ones. It is a pleasing mix of Drama, Romance, Intrigue and suspense.
I highly recommend this to all!

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