Steez by Raymond Embrack

28 Oct

SteezSteez by Raymond Embrack
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The action in this book is a lot of fun. Steez is the first book I’ve read from author Raymond Embrack and I am planning on checking out more!
Here is the book summary:Gemma Steez is the first female quarterback in pro football. Some call her the Kim Kardashian of sports. Some see a target. A walking nightmare called Red Candy has a plan to take Steez for millions then “bathe in her blood.” With her is an ex-mercenary and a psycho for hire. Add paparazzi TV, a cult of celebrity stalkers, a Mexican cartel out for payback, and a bad girl past that’s come back for her head. But Steez is no soft target. Steez is where style meets badass.

The character of Steez is interesting and dynamic although you don’t really get a look at how she goes from a young and troubled girl to a celebrity football player. I still liked her.
The villains were the real stand outs in this story, Red Candy is a truly evil character and her ex-hitman boyfriend is a freak. Their relationship adds a lot to the stories’ intensity. They hire a psycho to stalk Steez and pretty much terrorize her in the most brutal of ways but he doesn’t live up to the level of messed-up that Red candy does so well. As for the rest of the secondary characters, I didn’t get much of a feel for them. They felt like background noise.

What kept this from a 4 star rating was the confusing rhythm of the dialog between Steez and her assistant and boyfriend in the beginning. That and some descriptions of L.A. used when describing Steez’s lifestyle were somewhat futuristic sounding and at first I started thinking this was set in the near future but this cleared up for me eventually.

All-in-all, I truly liked this story. It became a fast action romp and I couldn’t put it down. I have a feeling Mr.Embrack’s other books will appeal as well and I look forward to the next one.

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