Mama by Robin Morris

09 Nov

Rating 4 out of 5 Stars!

Is there anything worse than traveling cross country in a car with kids? Or Parents?

Dad won’t turn on the AC because he’s worried the car will overheat. Mom has made sandwiches and stored them in a cooler for meals instead of pulling over at a restaurant in a strange new town.  Miles and miles of highway and little money for sightseeing and unforeseen circumstances.  Well apparently Robin Morris can imagine something worse and she lets us in on the secret with her new Horror, Mama.

Book Summary:  As the Conover family drives from L.A. to Chicago strange things begin to happen. Nine year old Michael sees a face form in the window of the family car. Two creepy children stare at fourteen year old Alison at a motel. A car follows the family for many miles, then hits their car and drives away.

Wherever the Conover family goes, wherever they look, they see a large woman and her children coming closer. The woman and her children are superhumanly strong. They can enter a locked room without opening the door.

Confused and scared, the Conovers can’t comprehend what is happening to them. Everywhere they turn they see the woman and her children. The woman is Mama, and as she teaches her children, like a lioness teaching her cubs to hunt, the Conovers realize that they are the prey.

Robin Morris’s story line is reminiscent of a Dean Koontz plot where really bad and unbelievable things happen to normal people. The fact that ‘Mama’ and her weird brood can move through floors, walls and cars add to the creepy feeling that anything evil can happen at any time. It permeates the story as the Conover’s make their way toward Chicago, each family member struggling with regret and anger at the changes being made in their lives.

I like Robin Morris’s writing style. She tells the story through each character’s point of view. You get a chance to know and understand each of the Conover family. The father, a failed and self-absorbed actor, mom is seemingly in a world of her own while worrying about her family. A young teenage girl on the verge of slipping in to the seedier side of L.A. and angry that her plans are laid to waste by the move, and her younger brother who is shy and imaginative and identifies with insects better than his family.

Having noticed the Conover family on the road, Mama decides to use them as an educational tool for her children. A lesson in cruelty.

I am happy to say that Mama was not predictable. Just like the Conover family, I had no idea who or what Mama and her evil brood were. I did not predict the ending and was entertained the whole way.

Robin Morris is a fantastic new author and will be welcomed into the Horror community with open, although shaking, arms.

Recommend, recommend, recommend!   

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