Heaven Again by HC Turk

26 Nov

Heaven AgainHeaven Again by HCTurk
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars!

Heaven Again is heart wrenching in it’s depiction of the rape and murder of a child and how it affects the parents of this girl. In it you will not find the expected reaction from the parents who are mourning their daughter. There are no scenes of mutual comfort and commiseration between husband and wife. There are no gatherings of supportive family members to ease pain and take care of the minutiae of day to day life chores as the parents grieve.

Glenn and Janet Alden deal with their pain and anger much differently and separate from each other.

Glenn, having escaped prison for killing the man who murdered his six year old daughter, disappears into the anonymity of a handyman who does not speak. Janet becomes an increasingly angry and hateful person, throwing herself in to work so she cannot think or feel. Both are spiraling toward the inevitability of madness unless a miracle occurs and it is uncomfortable to watch.

This, to me, makes the persons of Glenn and Janet Alden real. I ached for their pain and hoped for sanity and acceptance to heal them.

HC Turk tells a compelling story, while at times it loses fluidity, it makes up for it in heart. A worthwhile read that will touch you in many ways.

Book Summary: Six-year-old Jeanine Alden is murdered by Frank Hynek. He is tried and convicted. During the sentencing hearing, the girl’s father, Glenn, kills Hynek. Though tried for this killing, Glenn is acquitted. Then he walks away from his life, and from his wife, Janet. Both parents then have to recover from their child’s death, Glenn’s sad, disastrous vengeance, and his desperate escape. Death, despair, and revenge are the three evils that Glenn and Janet Alden defeat in Heaven Again, a novel that ultimately is ingratiating and uplifting in depicting the profound reunion of husband and wife.

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