Blood Tells True (Vampires of the Plains) by Alan Ryker

15 Feb

Blood Tells True by Alan Ryker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Alan Ryker has become one of my all time favorite authors. His characters are some of the more ‘realistic’ people I’ve ever read. The people he writes about make sense to me given the circumstances they are faced with, as well as the type of life they have lived.
The fact that Alan Ryker writes Horror, Speculative Fiction and Urban Fantasy adds to my enjoyment all the more.

Blood Tells True is the continuing story of Jessica Harris, first introduced to us in Burden Kansas, a most brilliant “Vampire-Western” that propelled Alan into my “Authors Are Rock Stars Hall of Fame”.
Jessica has lost her entire family to vampires. At just seventeen she has assumed the role of avenger and protector to a community which shuns her and is unaware that vampires exist. She has become hard, as hard as her uncle had been when he confronted these creatures. As hard as he had been in life. A loner with a brittle disposition that kept the small community at arms length and just as suspicious of him as they now are of Jessica.

Positive that Jessica was in some way involved with the tragedy that befell her family, even the seedy element in town are speculating. When a drug dealer with a grudge comes to town he vows to eliminate Jessica as a possible threat to him and his dealings.

What follows is a series of actions taken by this dealer and Jessica herself that threatens even more lives and Jessica knows that she is the only one that can stop the inevitable carnage.

The vampires are ugly, animalistic, and brutal. They are unorganized and avoid other vampires. They do not seek out high school girls to seduce nor do they ‘blend’ in with society to amass wealth and be thought of as handsome, beautiful and mysterious. They are freaks, monsters and without conscience.

Jessica is not a cute and curvacious coed who finds herself developing super strength and paranormal powers in which to fulfill a romantic destiny. Instead she is angry, guilt-ridden and obsessed with the slaughter of these creatures and is becoming sadistic as she begins to enjoy the challenge and thrill of the kill.

Blood Tells True is an all out showdown at sundown between a girl and a pack of remorseless monsters. Clint Eastwood with a ponytail versus vamps who do not shop at Old Navy, unless the salesgirl smells good.

Book Summary: One year ago, vampires killed Jessica Harris’s entire family, compelling her to become a vampire hunter in order to protect the small farming community that hates her.

Six months ago, a meth dealer put a price on Jessica’s head.

Two days ago, a hit-gone-wrong released a vampire more powerful than Jessica has ever known. A vampire she created.

Today, in pursuing her monster across the Kansas prairie, Jessica uncovered a conspiracy that threatens to wipe an entire town out of existence.

Tonight, she fights.

In his gritty Vampires of the Plains series, Alan Ryker takes vampires out of the cities and places them on the sun-bleached western prairie. Blood Tells True continues the Harris family saga begun in Burden Kansas, but is a complete tale that can be enjoyed on its own.

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  1. jtlewisbooks

    February 15, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    Awesome review! 5-star impressed!


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