About Me and Novel O!

My original intent for Novel Opinion is to document my life as a voracious reader. To post reviews and voice my opinions on books I have read, sharing links for bloggers and Authors,showcasing beautiful covers and crazy ones. Since I published my first review, my intention for this blog has become more focused and my experiences have caused me to expand its purpose. I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet, through Social Media, many types of authors. New and experienced, Indie Published and self Published as well as a few bestsellers. All have in common the love of storytelling. Talent had not limited itself to traditional Publishing Houses. The source for my addiction to amazing books had suddenly expanded exponentially!

Another thing I learned was I had a chance to give back in a small way to them using my blog and all of my Social Media contacts in order to promote them and their books. After all, I always have said that books are my drugs and Authors, my rock stars. I also found many genres to be under-represented in the plethora of book blogs out there. There is no shortage of Romance blogs in all of it’s forms, thank God, but I had a hard time finding Horror, Crime Drama, Sci Fi, Mystery, Speculative Fiction and many others. There are some excellent blogs out there that do review every type but I was excited to find that my love for most genre’s could help authors as well. By the way, Romance bloggers of every flavor have gotten blogging books down to pure science. I follow many and am so grateful to them for all I have learned from them. These men, yes men, and women are fiercely dedicated to authors and stories. I can’t imagine better company to be in. I hope that I can provide insight and entertainment. Please feel free to email me with any suggestions you may have for content. Thanks, Tammy

Update for 2012!

When I started this blog I had no idea where it would go. Hec, I wasn’t even sure I would see it through. I had no problem reading and I eventually got the hang of reviewing but the concept of being asked to review a book was still a hazy one and the occurence was rare. Now I average about 150 reviews requests in my inbox at any given time. Right now I have over 200. Can you imagine the joy I feel? The very thought that someone would trust their hard work and precious creation in my hands, to say what I will about it on my site is still rather mind-blowing. Since I can remember, Authors held the same appeal as movie stars and rock stars for me. I was introduced to reading at a very young age and by 9 years old I had read Stephen King’s The Shining and a few others to boot.
Now, having said all of that, I have been told many times by these wonderful people that they heard or knew I am a tough reviewer. I certainly don’t try to be and I have no desire to be. If anyone knew how nerve-wracking it is for me to tell someone I didn’t like their book they would be surprised. I just cringe. As I have taken to telling authors, I am only an expert on my own opinion, I want to make it a little clearer on what guidelines I use to rate the books I read.
1 STAR – I felt the book was really bad. I couldn’t finish it or wished I hadn’t.
2 STARS- I felt the book was almost ok. Usually bad grammar or bad editing combined with a weak plot.
(I no longer publish 1 and 2 STAR reviews on my site if the author is New, Indie or Self-Published and has solicited me for the review. This is a policy I adopted because I just don’t want to discourage these authors by an opinion.)
3 STARS- I felt the book was pretty good. I enjoyed the story, finished the book and there were few errors.
4 STARS- I loved it! Great story and fairly well-written but with minor plot line or grammar issue.
5 STARS- I loved it! Could not put it down. Was completely engrossed and wanted more as soon as I finished!

I want to thank all of you who take the time to subscribe or visit the site. I want to thank the brilliant and wonderful authors I have had the pleasure to meet and read! I also want to do a Shout Out to The Kindle Book Review and Jeff Bennington who works tirelessly to help other authors get reviews and publicity for their books. I am privileged to review at KBR with some of the best reviewers in the business!!/NovelOpinion




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