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The Siren of Paris by David LeRoy COVER REVEAL!

The Siren of Paris will be released on 6.14.2012 for Amazon Kindle and this story looks to be amazing!

David LeRoy has allowed me to reveal his beautifully done cover in anticipation of the release.

The Siren of Paris is Historical Fiction with suspense and action and looks to be so much more than that. I can’t wait to read it.

  Synopsis; French born American, Marc Tolbert never thought he would be trapped in German occupied France when he returned to Paris in the summer of 1939 for art studies. After surviving the sinking of a British evacuation ship, he returns to Paris to live out the war. While helping smuggle downed airman through the Paris underground resistance, his life is plunged into complete darkness when he is betrayed by his fiancée, turned Gestapo collaborator. He is then forced to struggle for his soul in the “fog and the night” of Buchenwald as he struggles with the not just the cost of his trust to himself, but all the others who trusted him who were arrested as well.

David LeRoy has also supplied us with some information about him as well as his Facebook page. Please check his page for more information.

Bio/ Author background: My undergraduate degree is in Philosophy and Religion, which has served me well in a number of jobs from selling women’s shoes, to working in complex telecommunications positions. But, I am finding it is also very helpful with writing fictional stories. I traveled to Europe in the summer of 2010 to study art, and I became fascinated with the French Resistance in the South of France. I decided when I came back to the states to look into writing a book about some American trapped in France during the war and would become apart of the French Resistance, maybe fighting in the mountains, blowing up trains and being really James Bondesque. There are close to forty books now behind me in researching this time period. I even have one book in French that tells me every detail of collaborators in Paris during the war broken down by districts. The truth is far more dark, tragic and often sad regarding members of the Resistance. They were often ordinary people, and usually very unlikely, who ended up paying with their lives for very simple acts of resistance. But that is rarely the story people have in their minds. From this research I have developed the characters and plot of The Siren of Paris. This is my very first book, and as a new writer, it is hard work. I have a very high respect for anyone who writes fiction. My hope is that this story is not just a great page-turner, but also something that causes people to think, reflect, and be very grateful that they never face what Marc faces in this story.

 I have a facebook page for The Siren of Paris, so be sure to stop by and give it a like. The date of the release corresponds with the anniversary of the fall of Paris to the Germans. It will be 72 years on June 14th, 2012.



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